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Rockin It With Ruby Kisses
Rockin It With Ruby Baby Picture


Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by an extra copy of the 21st chromosome (also referred to as Trisomy 21). This extra genetic material may effect many aspects of an individual’s development including; cognition speech/language, motor skills, overall health, as well as physical characteristics.


Mama, don't listen to them. Down Syndrome simply doesn't live up to their definitions. It falls short of any diagnosis or stigma. It's not scary! It's so much better than that! 

They told me that I wouldn't love Ruby like her brother or sister. Cruel, right? But as the weeks, months, years go by, I know EXACTLY what they really meant. 

They told me that I would love her like no other. That I would advocate. Move mountains. Shed tears and radiate smiles. They told me that I would shout from the rooftops, Celebrate EVERYTHING, love like mad. And they were right!

The love for Ruby, and for all with Down Syndrome, is different. It is deep. Profound. There are sharp turns, highs and lows, insane depts. We are not without worry, or heartache, just as any other mother would be. We celebrate every occasion. We take the time to appreciate. We are grounded. Rooted. Fierce. And why? Because Down Syndrome makes us love so deeply. A love you never thought possible.

Those doctors were right. The love that I have for Ruby, is different. She is different. More amazing than anyone I have ever met. 

To the new mama, Welcome!

This will be the best adventure of your life (I promise).

Don't be scared. Hold my hand.

I'll show you how amazing this ride really is!


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